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Diversifying blockchain: Women get 85% discount on Hard Fork Decentralized tickets

Find out how to get your discounted ticket


The blockchain industry has become more aware of its lack of diversity, and we’re beginning to move in the right direction to tackle the issue. At Hard Fork Decentralized, our blockchain and cryptocurrency event, we want to help by making sure that all voices are equally heard.

That’s why we’re offering an 85-percent discount on tickets for women interested in blockchain.

Our aim is to bring more women to both the event and the industry, start a real conversation, and make everyone feel welcome. In short: we want to do something about gender inequality in blockchain.

The three-day event will take place in London, UK from December 12 to 14. Leading companies will open their doors to you and host expert keynotes, roundtable sessions, and networking events. It’s the perfect opportunity to get your perspective across and make new connections.

We’ll also be hosting our own event called The Exchange. The Exchange is the hub where deals get done. In this exclusive space, decision makers come together to build new relationships, conduct private meetings, join discussions, and interact with leadership teams from blockchain and cryptocurrency companies.

You can get your discounted ticket on our event website. We’re really looking forward to bringing your voice to Hard Fork Decentralized!

Published October 4, 2018 — 10:59 UTC