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EOS-powered dice game pays out $600K to one user in just 36 hours

Is this another hacked smart contract?

Another “lucky” punter has experienced an incredible hot streak when gambling on the decentralized web. An EOS-based blockchain betting game, more commonly known as EOSBet, has paid over $600,000 in winnings to just one user in less than two days.

Somehow, an individual has consistently doubled their money by betting on blockchain dice. After trawling through the relevant transactions, Hard Fork calculated an official EOSBet wallet sent more than 126,000 EOS EOS ($611,000) to just one “winner,” across dozens of transactions.

Here’s an example of the instant payouts. Note, EOSBet return double the amount deposited within seconds.

EOSBet is yet to confirm the activity is suspicious. Hard Fork reached out to the company for clarification.

The continuous, strange payouts come just a day after another EOS-based betting platform, DEOSGames, was attacked with a malicious smart contract. Similarly, it was paying out jackpots far too often – 24 times in less than an hour. Although, that attacker walked away with much less, just over $26,000.

Lately, EOS-based platforms are struggling to maintain integrity. Content creation ecosystem Trybe recently confirmed it accessed user accounts, unauthorized. It claims needing to retrieve tokens mistakenly distributed by a botched airdrop. 

It certainly seems that all EOS dApps are subject to the same backdoor.

Update 18:15 UTC, September 12: EOSBet has since supplied Hard Fork with a statement. EOSBet declare the platform has not been hacked, and all payouts to the account in question are legitimate – just pure luck.

This piece will be updated should there be any developments.

Published September 12, 2018 — 16:08 UTC