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EU’s interactive map lets you explore the local cryptocurrency startup scene

Explore the European blockchain scene straight from your device

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Have you ever wanted explore the cryptocurrency scene in Europe? The EU Blockchain Observatory and Forum has built a nifty interactive map that lets you scout the European crypto-ecosystem for relevant startups and events.

The tool makes it pretty easy to discover blockchain companies and events. When clicked, each entry on the map displays further information about the company or event in question, including how it was founded, what it does, and what its website is. One particularly useful feature is that the map lets you filter the search criteria for more efficient results.

While the map was built with Europe in focus, the Observatory says that users are more than welcome to add companies from other continents to the map. As of now though, there are no entries outside of Europe.

It is worth keeping in mind that all information that appears on the map is crowdsourced. The Observatory notes it reviews all submissions before putting them up on the map, but it might be a good idea to do your own research on any companies and events you find interesting. The map is more of a discovery tool than a reliable source of information.

EU Blockchain first announced the initiative in March, which would explain why there aren’t all that many entries on the map so far. But hopefully things will change in the future.

Anyone interested in contributing to the map can propose companies for consideration by using this form. There is also a separate form for event submissions.

In other news, next week the Blockchain Observatory will also be hosting an ‘Ask me Anything’ session to answer your questions about the future of the technology. Find out how you can participate in this session here.

Published June 13, 2018 — 12:03 UTC