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This nifty site lists all hot cryptocurrency meetups in your area is curating a city-wise list of all cryptocurrency and blockchain related events on its website


If you are a cryptocurrency enthusiasts hounding the web to ensure that you don’t miss the next crypto event in your city, your life just got a lot easier. is curating a list of all cryptocurrency and blockchain related events on its website. It categorizes these events by cities, making it easier to find relevant events that you can attend.

Cities Cryptomeetups

The website extracts the information from, and lists the relevant information about the event include the name, number of members in the group, the link to the Meetup page, and the date, topic, and location for the event.

The founder of Cryptomeetups, Erasmus Elsner, describes that he started curating the website for his own use. On being asked about the motivation behind the curation, he said this:

Meetups are the primary way that the community learns about crypto. Yet, there’s no site that really provides a useful register to look them up. doesn’t provide a good search functionality, because the meetups all pay the same monthly fee to [get] featured on the site. I’ve crowdsourced the initial list and got input[s] from people that way (much like did it)

If you feel that there’s an interesting crypto meetup that is about to happen, and is not on the Cryptomeetups website, you also have the option to suggest a new entry. However, the founder however warns that they are only looking for quality meetups, and may not include every single suggested entry.

I was particularly discontent with the lack of inclusion of any Indian city in the list, which host a ton of crypto events every year, so I made some suggestions of my own!

Curious to see if there are any meetups happening around you? Check out here.

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Published May 14, 2018 — 12:42 UTC