Average life of a dead Google product is just four years

Average life of a dead Google product is just four years
Credit: Pexels

Google shut down Google+ and Inbox last week, and and we’re still in mourning (for the latter). Recently, we’ve seen sites like Killed By Google and Google Cemetary crop up to show us the Mountain View company’s notorious habit of killing off products.

Now, a new feature in the Google Cemetery site shows us the average life span of the company’s discontinued products: 4.1 years. While you may think that doesn’t sound half bad, you have to keep in mind that Google has killed over 150 products in the last 13 years.

Google’s dead products ‘lived’ for only 4.1 years on average

The page also has a handy table that shows you deaths by year. 2011 topped the chart with 26 discontinuations.

Credit: Google Cemetery
Google Cemetery

This graph mapping Google‘s killed products and acquisitions is also interesting, as it suggests a discontinuing spree happens just after the company has purchased another business.

Discontinued Google products per year

Check out the feature page here.

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