Google Maps now lets businesses mark themselves as ‘Women-Led’

Google Maps now lets businesses mark themselves as ‘Women-Led’

In commemoration of this year’s International Women’s Day, Google is updating its My Business dashboard to allow business owners to list themselves as “Women-Led.”

Attributes are the descriptive features that pop up on a business’s card when you search for it in Maps. They include things such as “Free Wi-Fi,” “Outdoor Seating,” or “Kosher Food.” Google has augmented the list several times, such as when it added an updated list of accessibility attributes to help those who used wheelchairs.

The new feature follows in the footsteps of the LGBT-friendly attribute, introduced last year just in time for Pride. A Google spokesperson told Reuters:

We strive to organize the world’s information in a way that is inclusive of all people. We’ve added the women-led attribute to empower women-led businesses to succeed online and help people find places to visit using Google Maps and Search.

This is also part of Google’s larger initiative called Womenwill, which aims to “create economic opportunity for women by connecting them to the online world and tools to make the most of it.”

To further celebrate the day, Google highlighted three women-led businesses around the world. If you want to see what we’ve been up to today, check out our newsletter, which was taken over by the women on staff.

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