Google is letting celebs speak directly to fans via search results

Google is letting celebs speak directly to fans via search results
Credit: Google

Google is going to allow sports teams and celebs to “Post” status updates directly into search results.

The company today announced it’s opening Posts up to organizations. Specifically, it’s including “museums, sports teams, sports leagues, movies” and in Brazil: musicians.

Posts are an experiment to allow participants to post updates directly in Google’s search results. If you think you’re about to see Google turn into a social site, you’ll be disappointed. Posts seem to have been designed for public figures to communicate directly with people who are searching their names:

So if you’re searching for the Henry Ford Museum in the U.S. or for Vanessa da Mata in Brazil, you’ll see updates directly from the source with relevant information, like new exhibits, timely updates and interesting facts.

Posts were rolled out last year. There’s no word on if this will ever be available to the general public, or only public figures. At present, you must fill out an application here to participate.

via TechCrunch

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