HTC teases its new Desire phone launch next week

HTC teases its new Desire phone launch next week

Update: Sorry guys, we derped big time. This is almost certainly the HTC Desire 10, and not the new Pixel.

Here’s a post by leaker Evan Blass from nearly a month ago. This is probably what we’re getting:

What follows is the original post. Shame.

HTC might have just teased the new Nexus Pixel phone. And it may be coming as soon as next week.

The company sent out the following tweet:

It also sent out the following invite:

If you haven’t heard, rumors currently suggest that Google is nixing the Nexus phone series in favor for the ‘Pixel’ name. It would continue its system of partnering with Android manufacturers to create the device, but the new Pixel devices would deviate from the old stock Android approach of Nexus devices with some proprietary features.

There are a few odd notes here though. First of all, Google normally teases and announces its flagship Android devices, even though they’re built by third party partners. It’s possible HTC is announcing a regular device of its own.

Still, that seems very unlikely. The timing would be odd for HTC, given this is normally around when Nexus devices are announced, and that HTC is almost certainly the company building the new Google devices. The fingerprint sensor’s location teased also deviates from the usual front location on HTC phones.

So as far as we can tell, we’ll finally be getting official word on Google’s latest devices next week.

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