Google announces Literata, its new e-book typeface

Google announces Literata, its new e-book typeface

Google has announced a new typeface for Google Books: Literata.

Replacing Droid Serif as the default typeface for e-books via Google Books, Google says Literata is “perfect for long reads on all devices”.

Created in conjunction with TypeTogether, Google began work on Literata in April 2014. The goal was a “new book typeface was needed that would provide an outstanding reading experience on a whole range of devices and high resolution screens running different rendering technologies”.

Literata will also “establish a recognizable visual identity” for Google Books, distinguishing it from other popular e-reading mediums like Nook or Kindle.

In an attempt to create a modern typeface that was also familiar, TypeTogether looked to Scotch and Roman fonts for inspiration. At the behest of Google’s senior UX designer Addy Lee Beavers, Literata also has a varied texture to make it more interesting.

Literata has over 1,100 characters per font, and supports PanEuropean language. The new typeface can be found in Google Books version 3.4.5.

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