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This article was published on May 18, 2015

25 of our favorite typefaces released in April

25 of our favorite typefaces released in April
Sean Mitchell
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Sean Mitchell

Sean Mitchell is an Interactive Designer based in Vancouver, British Columbia, and the editor of Type Release. Sean Mitchell is an Interactive Designer based in Vancouver, British Columbia, and the editor of Type Release.

A new month, a whole new bunch of typefaces to drool over. Scroll down to see which typefaces stood out the most in April. Keep going and you’ll find our March issue.

Linotype: Neue Haas Unica


Neue Haas Unica is an extended, reimagined version of the Haas Unica design, a Helvetica alternative that achieved near mythical status in the type community before it virtually disappeared.

YouWorkForThem: Cinderblock


Cinderblock was designed to achieve maximum vertical coverage of any given surface.

Lián Types: Indie


Indie is a smooth brush script containing five styles.

Mostardesign: Chronica Pro


Chronica Pro is a contemporary font family focusing on balance and quality.

Laura Worthington: Adorn Smooth


Adorn Smooth provides a suite of distinctive typeface designs designed to complement each other rather than match exactly.

Jan Fromm: Komet Pro


Komet is a sturdy typeface with a calm and upright feel.

FontFont: FF Eggo


FF Eggo breaks the mould in terms of flexibility and italics.

Kimmy Design: Burford Rustic


Burford Rustic is the weathered and textured alternative to the Burford family.

Suitcase Type Foundry: Pacifista


Pacifista — straight lines, regular arcs and purity of drawing facilitate maintaining the maximum possible legibility.

Production Type: Trianon


Replete with useful function for editorial design, including old style and lining figures, ornaments which fit each font’s contrast and weight, and a large range of weights.

Insigne: Solitas


Solitas is an ideal equilibrium of compact dimensions and geometric underpinnings.

Jakob Runge: Cera Pro


Cera Pro is a good companion for setting clean text and headlines for print and screen.

DSType: Jules


Jules is a type system for extremely big sizes.

Thomas Jockin: Azote


Azote is a multiline typeface family that adds lines for weight.

TipoType: Amelia Rounded


Amelia Rounded is a geometric sans with the softness of humanistic strokes.

Font Bureau: Antenna Serif


Antenna Serif weighs in at 56 styles making it a versatile performer.

The Northern Block: Webnar


Webnar is a modern geometric sans serif created with information and technology in mind.

Atlas Font Foundry: Heimat Display


Heimat Display combines an idiosyncratic appearance with the feeling of a grid–based letter construction of the late 20s.

FontFont: FF Aad


FF Aad is a modern sans serif typeface with a humanist character.

Latinotype: Go Gipsy


Go Gipsy is inspired by a magical journey – full of love, art and nature – through the Mexican Caribbean.

TypeTogether: Alverata


Alverata is inspired by the shapes of romanesque capitals and inscriptions of the 11th and 12th centuries, without being a close imitation of them.

Coppers And Brasses: Canal


Canal is inspired by the blue collar, hard working people of the 19th and 20th centuries.

Bureau Roffa: Proza Display


Proza Display was made to function especially well at large sizes, drawing the reader’s attention with its beautiful and slightly eccentric shapes.

Manuel Viergutz: Hand Stamp Swiss Rough


Hand Stamp Swiss Rough is a rough and dirty sans with authentic stamp look.

Coppers And Brasses: Double


Double is an exploration in extremes.

TypeType: Inters


Inters is a very strict and rhythmic font, but at the same time very sensual and emotional.

Mika Melvas: Sivellin


Sivellin is an elegant brush script with a lots of alternates, swashes and small caps.

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