Add a -1 button to Google+ with this Chrome and Firefox Extension

Add a -1 button to Google+ with this Chrome and Firefox Extension

Sometimes you want to “dislike” something on Facebook. Something sad, or something stupid. The “Like” button forces you to interact in one way only, otherwise you don’t interact at all. The equivalent of the Like button on Google+ is of course the +1 button.

Thanks to this Chrome extension you can now click -1 for things that you don’t like. There’s one caveat though, only the other people who have installed this extension can see -1’s. I still find it to be useful though, if only to get out my aggression on posts that I flat-out can’t stand.

The extension is available for Chrome and Firefox

No sir, I don’t like it

Once you install the extension, the -1 button will appear right next to the +1.

Along with everyone else who uses the extension, your -1’s are recorded, tallied, and displayed with each post. Since not everyone can see how angry you are at the post, the extension prompts you to leave a comment for those who aren’t using it.

While this might seem like a silly add-on, I’ve often wondered why services like Facebook and Google+ try to focus on all things positive. I’d honestly like to see what posts rub people the wrong way, and this extension is a perfect way to do just that. For example, I always thought that Digg should have a minus button that would force its popularity down, because shoot, disliking something is as powerful as liking it.

So go on, install this extension and let everyone know that they got the big minus.

➤ -1 Minus One for Google+ – Chrome / Firefox

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