Will.I.Am’s Google+ profile gets the ultimate promotion: A link on Google’s front page

Will.I.Am’s Google+ profile gets the ultimate promotion: A link on Google’s front page

How’s this for a way to get into more people’s Google+ circles? Google is currently promoting a Google+ Hangout from the band Black Eyed Peas on its coveted front page – linking directly to frontman Will I. Am’s profile.

While this isn’t the first Black Eyed Peas hangout (the band held one last week), to our knowledge it’s the first time that a specific Google+ profile has been linked to on the front page of Google – often cited as one of the most valuable advertising spaces on the Web.

At the time of writing, Will I. Am is in 266,444 people’s circles, assuming the ad stays in place until the 6pm ET Hangout event, that number’s sure to grow significantly – it’s great product placement for Google+ as a network too.

As at least one person has observed, given Google’s strict policies on using real names on its social network, we wonder if Will.I.Am (real name William James Adams, Jr) should have his profile suspended rather than given prime advertising space. Of course, Will.I.Am (‘Mr Am’ to his doctor?) is probably operating a trial brand page on Google+, so we’ll let him off.

Google is keen to promote Hangouts as a useful tool for brands and businesses as well as individuals, and we’ve contacted the company for any more information it can give us about today’s front page ad.

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