This bus driving simulator game plays like Snake, and looks like a blast

If you ever owned a Nokia dumb phone from the 90s, you probably played the hell out of Snake, which came pre-loaded on most models back then. Now, Seattle-based indie studio Stovetop has a wacky take on the original that replaces the pixel-width snake with a bus, and scales the environment up to an entire city.

It’s called Snakeybus, and it promises to test your reflexes and foresight as you drive through Paris, Miami, or a suburban area at breakneck speeds. As you pick up passengers along the way, your bus will elongate, and you’ll have to do your best to avoid colliding into the tail.

Credit: Stovetop / Steam

From the teasers that have been released so far, Snakeybus looks like a ton of fun that you can jump into at a moment’s notice, just like a casual mobile arcade game. The developers noted that it’ll cost between $8 and $12, and will arrive on Steam on May 15 for Windows and macOS. I can’t wait to start climbing its leaderboards later this month.

Find Snakeybus on Steam.

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