Logitech’s first gaming speakers pack RGB lighting and ample bass for $199

Logitech’s first gaming speakers pack RGB lighting and ample bass for $199

Logitech has been making speakers for ages. It’s also made gaming accessories for ages. Somewhere down the line, Logitech decided to combine these two talents to make a gaming speaker. RGB lights are, of course, included.

The speakers, dubbed the G560, will retail for $199 when it launches in April. There are three pieces: a pair of stereo drivers and a chunky subwoofer. The speakers accept USB, 3.5mm, and Bluetooth sources, and can switch automatically between them.

I was only able to try them for a few minutes, but came away  largely impressed with what I heard. Used as near-field speakers, they had a broad soundstage and solid bass extension (rated down to 40hz) and control, considering the price. Meanwhile, DTS:X support helps emulate surround sound from two speakers – we’ll need to spend more time with them to see how well that works though.

The speakers comes with four lighting zones – two in front of the speakers, two behind – that can be synced up with games or match content on your screen. Futurististic aesthetic aside, LED lighting behind your screen can help improve apparent contrast – look up ‘bias lighting‘ –  and increase immersion. Certain games will be able to use the speakers to provide extra information; imagine them lighting up red and blue when cops are nearby in GTA. Of course, you can also just use as them a visualizer for your music.

Logitech is also announcing a new mechanical keyboard today, the G513. Retailing for a hefty $150, it comes with a sleek metal build and memory foam wrist rest that’s one of the comfiest I’ve tried. It too has RGB lighting, and the USB extension port is appreciated. It might be one of the best looking gaming keyboard I’ve seen, too. If Logitech found a way to make tenkeyless, wireless version, I’d buy it in a heartbeat.

You also get your pick of Romer-G Tactile or Linear switches. In plain english, the tactile switches are like Logitech’s previous keyboards, with a noticeable ‘click’ when you press a key. The Linear switches are new for Logitech, and get rid of the click for a smoother action akin to a Cherry MX Red – many gamers prefer these types of switches as they make it easier to repeat keypresses.

Both products will be available in April 2018. Stay tuned for our reviews on each.

G560 on Logitech

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