Confirmed: Atari is making a console

Confirmed: Atari is making a console

After reporting earlier this week that Atari seemed to be working on a new console (and hiring developers) we can now confirm both. CEO Fred Shesnais told GamesBeat today that everyones favorite classic game company is indeed working on a new console.

While the company did forego any sort of announcement pertaining to the console at E3 this year, we did get this puzzling teaser video a few days before.

There’s not a lot of information to be gained from the video, but the YouTube headline “First Look: A brand new Atari product. Years in the making” seemed to hint at a new console. Foregoing a formal announcement at the world’s biggest video game conference, however, left us to wonder whether this was indeed the case — and if it were a new console, or an emulator-type system — like the NES Classic — to play old Atari favorites.

Many even wondered if the Ataribox teaser was fake.

Chesnais declined to describe what exactly Atari was working on, but he did say the system was based on PC technology. We’ll keep you posted.

Atari CEO confirms the company is working on a new game console on VentureBeat

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