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    • SXSW, or South by Southwest, is an annual set of festivals and conferences that focus on a variety of topics, including music, film, interactive media, education, environment, and the startup industry. From its beginnings in 1987 as a small music festival, it has grown to be a worldwide leader in the many areas it covers.
    • Start date: Mar 10, 2017
      End date: Mar 19, 2017
      Location: US

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  • Control your home with this cool-looking cube -- sort of

    If you're looking for an efficient way to control your smart home ... keep looking, because this admittedly funky cube is not the device you need. What is it? The NeoControl Cubee interface is a cube-shaped controller designed to be used with the NeoControl Pro smart home app. ...

  • These shoes have a smartphone app and now I hate the future

    Of all the weird things I've seen in Austin, these shoes might be the weirdest. Bluetooth-connected and constantly uploading data to the cloud, these "smart" sneakers come with a lot of questions and few answers. The shoes are a "co-creation" by Fjitsu, SnowRobin and two Japanese ...

  • I rode an 8K "VR" rollercoaster and it was beautifully awkward

    We've seen some VR experiences here at SXSW that will make you sick, but there was one which took you on a nice trip instead. The 8K VR ride was more like a pleasant stroll through Tokyo -- albeit with a lot of wind in your hair. What is it? The ride uses 8K, an absurdly large ...

  • SXSW vendors have VR tunnel vision

    2016 was the year of VR. If you took that to mean the beginning of the VR age -- a glorious time where headsets fly off the shelves and everyone runs to the nearest gaming rig to plug in -- you'd be wrong. We're only a year into this so-called "next big thing" and it's hard not to ...

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