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    • One of the largest and most popular game trade shows in the world, E3 is an annual industry-only event featuring a plethora of announcements from game publishers and developers and opportunities to try out upcoming games and hardware. Get all the latest from the show here.
    • Start date: Jun 14, 2016
      End date: Jun 16, 2016
      Location: United States

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  • How to stream all the events from E3 2018

    E3 2018 is upon us once again, and we've got a lot of conferences to keep up with -- nine major ones, in fact. I've already given a lengthy preview of what to expect from the conference. But if you want a simple, just-the-facts-ma'am accounting of where, when, and how to board ...

  • What to expect at E3 2018

    E3, the gaming industry's glitziest event, begins this weekend. If you're like me and want to ride the hype train for the few glorious moments before collective cynicism steps in, then here's the full schedule of events, and what you can likely expect to see from each. If you want ...

  • Watch Nintendo developers destroy fighting game champions at E3

    In what's now becoming a bit of a tradition, Nintendo held a couple of invitational tournaments during E3 this year. Eight gamers competed for the title in Pokken Tournament DX, a Pokemon fighting game with Tekken mechanics. Another eight faced off in Arms, Nintendo's wacky new fighting ...

  • E3 lets the public in for the first time and chaos ensues

    This is the first year E3 has been open to the public. What's to complain about 15,000 excited gamers finally getting their chance to enter the world's largest gaming event? https://twitter.com/WesPhillips/status/874681892708032512 Oh. https://twitter.com/SimGuruGraham/status/874711645942988800 Oh ...

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