HubSpot to open new offices in Dublin, creating 150 jobs in the process

HubSpot to open new offices in Dublin, creating 150 jobs in the process

Marketing software firm HubSpot has announced today that it will be opening its new European headquarters in Dublin.

The new offices will open in January 2013, and help create 150 new jobs over the next three years. HubSpot says it will “hire aggressively” in sales, marketing, account management and support roles in particular.

HubSpot made the announcement on their official blog, and have emphasised by that hiring local talent they hope to better understand the European marketplace.

“By hiring local experts who are aligned with European marketing tactics, we’ll be sure to infuse this knowledge into our vision of inbound marketing, and translate that into our marketing software,” the post reads. “We’ll also be able to provide our European readers with educational marketing resources like ebooks and blog posts that will help them transform their marketing strategy.”

HubSpot is an all-in-one marketing software that allows users to instantly track website traffic and leads, as well as create landing pages for new campaigns, publish blog posts, automate emails and manage updates across any social media platform. The product also holds extensive contact information, generates monthly reports and also tracks multiple marketing campaigns simultaneously.

HubSpot says they’ve also been tweaking their software behind the scenes so that it’s ready for new European customers when the new offices officially open. It includes new code in order to make sure your website complies with EU cookie laws, and localised search engine optimization tools. Sounds pretty thorough if you ask me.

HubSpot has been quick to highlight that they’ll be joining the likes of Google, Facebook, Salesforce and LinkedIn when their offices open in Dublin. However, the announcement comes in the same week that PopCap, famous for developing the Plants vs. Zombies and Bejeweled video games, has closed its Dublin doors.

HubSpot might be calling Dublin “the Silicon Valley of Europe”, but in no way does that guarantees success. We’ll have to see how they fare in 2013.

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