Kuvva launches to add style to your Twitter profile

Kuvva launches to add style to your Twitter profile

Are you still using the same old default blue cloud as your Twitter profile’s background? Why not spruce it up a bit with Kuvva, the easiest way to have a unique, stylish Twitter background that changes weekly.

Kuvva sources the best curated content from some of the world’s leading artists, designers, illustrators and photographers to bring quality, beautiful images to your Twitter profile. It lets users receive an image set or playlist each week and streams to their Twitter profiles so that, as Kuvva says, “Twitter user profiles can look as stylish as the users themselves.”

It was created by Damian Bradfield, co-founder of Present Plus, a marketing consultancy and incubator that focuses on creative innovation, and Nalden. They have learned from previous projects — multi-media fashion, tech lifestyle blog Nalden.net and file sharing service We Transfer — that people love full screen images, hate banner advertising and want to be able to download beautiful digital images and push them across different devices, blogs, platforms and profiles.

Kuvva will exclusively launch version 1.0 at The Next Web conference 2011, introducing a selection of creative imagery to its users’ Twitter profiles.

Twitter is just the start. Nalden says that once Kuvva has connected with high profile artists and influential Twitter users, the team will move on to bring the same aesthetic improvements to each user’s desktop, mobile, TV, blog and more.

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