Twitter set to hire European staff in 2011

Twitter set to hire European staff in 2011

As Twitter expands its moneymaking horizons beyond the US, it makes sense that the company might want to push its staffing into other territories too. Well, it looks like that’s exactly what’s happening.

Twitter tells us today that it plans to have a small number of people “on the ground” in Europe in 2011. The company is currently researching locations and potential candidates to fill the roles.

While we have no firm details as to what these roles will entail, it’s likely that they will primarily be in sales and business development. Twitter visited the UK in September in an attempt to woo British advertisers to its advertising platform. At the time the company told us “Our monetization efforts have been very US-centric thus far and that will change in the future”.

The move follows the news last week that Apple’s own iAds platform is making its European debut next month.

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