The trailer for Netflix’s Black Mirror season 4 is a techno-horror delight

The trailer for Netflix’s Black Mirror season 4 is a techno-horror delight
Credit: Netflix

Netflix today released the trailer for Black Mirror’s fourth season. The 50-second long tour de force features the titles of all six upcoming episodes and a few tasty seconds from each.

The previous three seasons of the technology-thriller anthology series have been met with critical acclaim, while quickly becoming a favorite for technology aficionados. Having touched on topics like the dangers of drones, bionic implants, and using humans as an alternative source of energy, we can expect further forays into an ominous and often horrific vision of the near-future.

There was a time when the most thought-provoking anthology show on television was The Twilight Zone. Netflix’s Black Mirror is, in some ways, an homage to that style of storytelling. The difference is that Black Mirror has mind-blowing special effects and a central focus on technology.

Netflix hasn’t given any official release date yet, but we reached out to see if they’d clue us in. We’ll update this story when we know for sure, but if the past is any indicator we’ll see season 4 in October.

Until then, can we just talk about how crazy last season was? Episode 5, Men Against Fire, was about as topical as it gets amirite?

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