Celebrate VCR Day by watching children try and figure one out

Celebrate VCR Day by watching children try and figure one out
Credit: ABC

It is ‘National VCR Day‘ — which is apparently a real thing — and dozens of old-school technophiles are undoubtedly stoked to watch low-resolution copies of Sweatin’ To The Oldies today.

ABC7 Chicago has joined the revelry by releasing an adorable video of children trying figure out the complexities of the ancient VCR.

The tykes in the clip reveal several pieces of ‘Kids Say The Darnedest Things’ style wisdom. According to one child, the VCR was invented in the 1800s. Several children describe VHS tapes as books in the clip, a little boy calls the VCR an “HRV or something,” another decides it is a DVR.

This, of course, indicates that I’m old

The whole thing is a sweet reminder that anyone who remembers the ‘Betamax versus VCR‘ debate is officially geriatric. Gone are the days of supermarkets with expansive video rental sections next to the produce.

Netflix has replaced Blockbuster. Smartphones have replaced camcorders. Physical media has gone the way of the dodo for me; I can’t even be bothered to use a DVD or USB stick.

These kids sure do make me reminisce about a time when bringing my report card to the local video rental store yielded free movie rentals for every ‘A.’That nostalgia isn’t enough to make me want to return to the days of rewind fees or head cleaner sprays.

Here’s wishing everyone who has a big cardboard box somewhere labeled ‘home movies’ which hasn’t been opened in over a decade, a very happy ‘VCR Day!’

Is there any better way to celebrate such a grand occasion than by watching children be delightfully confused by the ancient technology that got me through my childhood?

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