This futuristic Dutch train finally renders your office obsolete

This futuristic Dutch train finally renders your office obsolete

To train passengers everywhere, the daily commute can be a bitch. 

For a while now, the Dutch Railway Company (NS) has been struggling with an increasing number of passengers and overcrowded trains.

One solution could be to get rid of rush hour, and spread out when commuters travel to work and back home. By letting them work comfortably on the train, they can spend some of their working hours in transit— allowing them to leave home a bit later or go home a little earlier.

Last week during Dutch Design Week, NS presented new train interior designs that would do just that: Make trains better suitable for work so commuting becomes more work-efficient. 

The slick sketches show large office tables, standing desks facing the windows, and social spaces where people can talk and have meetings.

Nederlandse Spoorwegen

Not all these ideas will be realized the NS will work on these plans in the coming years and distill the best ones. But the company did order a few dozen new trains that will start riding in 2021, so chances are these will already show some of the new designs. 

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