InVision has acquired startup design firm Waybury

InVision has acquired startup design firm Waybury

Waybury, the design firm behind the Iconic and Relay tools, has been acquired by InVision.

Iconic is an icon set designed for the “modern Web,” while Relay used Slack to help teams communicate about designs.

As for why the company is joining InVision, the founders say now is the perfect time:

InVision’s size, customer base and reach gives us an opportunity to have a level of influence with designers that we realistically could not achieve on our own. It also allows us to focus on the making process and leave the aspects of business such as outreach and operations to other qualified people.

The Waybury team will join InVision, and say they’re in the process of figuring out what to do with Iconic and Relay. Both products seem a natural fit for InVision, so I’d expect them to be folded into InVision’s portfolio in short order.

InVision [Medium]

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