The coming wave of 3D mobile cameras get a boost from Metaio’s new SDK

The coming wave of 3D mobile cameras get a boost from Metaio’s new SDK

Google’s Project Tango is just one of the inititives currently aimed at bringing cameras that can ‘see’ the world in 3D to mobile devices. It’s an area that Intel and Occipital are investing in too. Now augmented reality specialist Metaio has announced an updated SDK that will support depth-sensitive cameras.

Compatible with iOS, Android and Windows, the SDK launches later this month and promises to ease the path for developers looking to build software that is aware of the 3D world around a device. Metaio says that it expects depth-sensing hardware to start to be included in commercial devices from early next year. So, maybe it won’t be too long before you’re trying software made with this SDK on your favorite flagship smartphone.

Watch the video from Metaio below for more of an explainer.

This article has been edited to clarify that Metaio expects depth-sensing hardware to be included in commercial products early next year. Occipital’s camera has been available since June this year.

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