Designers: Check out all the new typefaces for sale on Behance

Designers: Check out all the new typefaces for sale on Behance

Behance, the popular design platform for finding creative work, launched its online store back in March with a major, and quite handsome redesign. Now, as enough time has passed for the store to fill up, we’ve caught wind of the quality type selection that’s emerging from Behance and had to check it out for ourselves.

As most designers know, Behance has long housed work from some of the most compelling designers around for the past six years. This is why it’s no surprise that the work on the site is often gorgeous. Of course, not everything for sale is worth buying, but prices vary and some of these typefaces are hard to resist:




Nouvelle Vague


Salty Dog




SD Cammello


Lavina 4F


BD HitBit

Behance’s for sale selection is certainly impressive, but could use a few extra search capabilities, like price and license. Still, it’s definitely worth checking out via the link below!

➤ Typography on Behance

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