Twilio makes it a breeze to add voice calling to iOS apps with a new native SDK

Twilio makes it a breeze to add voice calling to iOS apps with a new native SDK

Twilio has made a name for itself by making it super-easy for developers to add telephony features to their apps. Now the San Francisco-based startup has launched a native SDK for iOS.

With the launch of Twilio Client for iOS, developers will be able to add VoIP support to their apps with ease. In addition to allowing users to make phone calls via an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad’s data connection, it offers presence support, so that apps can detect when another user is available for a voice chat.

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Billed as “Audio pipes for voice communication,” and initially launched in July 2011, Twilio Client allows users to insert VoIP features into apps with just a few lines of code. It can be used to add features like ‘tap to call’ to a business’ app or conference calling. Pricing is on a pay-as-you-go basis.

While taking part in StartupBus Europe in December 2011, Twilio Developer Evangelist Stevie Graham used an internal build of the iOS SDK to build YoBro, a group voice chat app. Having observed the development of the app, we saw that the VoIP functionality was inserted quickly and painlessly. Today’s launch brings that convenience to the wider developer community.

If you’re an iOS developer interested in getting involved, you can dive straight in by following the link below.

➤ Twilio Client

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