integrates with GitHub to let you publish achievements with your code integrates with GitHub to let you publish achievements with your code, the social network for developers and engineers, has launched a cool integration with code repository site GitHub.

The new feature allows users to send a new achievement to the site along with the superstar code that you just checked in. If you’ve pushed something awesome, it’s worth telling people about. This integration makes it super simple. has become a way for developers to interact with each other and share their technical achievements. It’s extremely difficult for developers to maintain a resume, since their best work is usually quite granular and rarely gets attention from recruiters.

Here’s what your profile on will look like when you publish an achievement at the same time you push code to GitHub:

In the video below, shows you how to integrate GitHub into your social experience on the site:

While LinkedIn has become the popular place for business networking, it really doesn’t cater to engineers and developers in the way that does. As it adds more features, has a shot to be the go-to place for the merit based developer resume.

Companies are looking to the site to find very specific talents, and the more achievements that a developer publishes, the more attention that they’ll get by way of high-fives and shares. Smart.

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