Daily Distraction: Free puzzle games to challenge your brain

Daily Distraction: Free puzzle games to challenge your brain

Earlier this week, The New Yorker released a co-op mode for its popular online crossword puzzle. This new mode lets you solve puzzles along with your friends, and it’s quite addictive. I’ve already spent hours on this with friends, and I’m ready to give more of my time to this addictive creation.

As a person with a great amount of anxiety, I’ve always liked puzzle games. They’re an excellent way to pass time when you’re on a flight, or when you’re waiting for your turn at your doctor’s clinic. Plus, if you’re getting bored while hanging out with a friend, there’s nothing like a short and engaging game.

So, here’s a list of some exciting riddle games:

  • Chain Reaction is one of the most fun games to play at a bar or at a cafe when you’re in a smaller group. The objective is to take control of the board by spreading your chain-reacting orbs all over it.
  • If you like word games, Ruzzle is one of my favorites. To win against your opponent you’ll need to score more points by making words in 2 minutes. However, unlike a traditional scrabble game, you’ll need to make words by swiping on a 4×4 grid.

  • If you’re into trivia, QuizUp is probably the best way to give your brain a much-needed dosage of quizzing.
  • Rember Tetris? What if it was combined with Scrabble? The answer is Baikoh.
  • Oh, and you can check out the classic version of Tetris here.
  • If you like something minimalistic, you’ll spend hours with Dots — a game where you need to remove dots of the same color.
  • Remember 2048? Threes is a similar version of the game but you’ll have to add threes to merge tiles.

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