These Twitter face tattoos make me feel weird inside


Twitter really shines when used on mobile — and now there’s a way to make sure it’s literally always with you.

Taiwanese-born, NYC-based artist John Yuyi recently created Twitter UI-based temporary tattoos.

By using elements from the social networking service’s website and app, she created an assortment of different designs to stick on your skin. Unlike things you say on the internet, these do disappear.

As Tokyo-based model Julia Abe shows, this strikes the perfect balance between our online personalities and the flesh-and-blood people behind them. To be fair, I would be down to wear a retweet button on my forehead for one or two days — if I lost a bet.

Like this? Check out the other interesting works Yuyi is responsible for, like this shoelace iPhone charger and using instant noodles as jewellery.

This artist has made temporary face tattoos of Twitter bios on Dazed

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