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Every article on PayPal. This worldwide online payment platform was founded in 1998 by Peter Thiel, Elon Musk and others. It was acquired by eBay in 2002 but spun off from it in mid-2015 to start trading as an independent company.

The latest articles around PayPal

  • FBI says ISIS smuggled funds to US using eBay and PayPal

    An FBI affidavit alleges that the Islamic State used everyone’s favorite digital auction house to transfer cash to one of its US-based agents. The agent was disguising himself as a printer salesman -- he'd pretend to sell a printer, only to receive payment from IS via eBay and ...

  • Skype now lets you send money via PayPal

    Skype's recent redesign may be the source of much divisiveness, but that isn't stopping Microsoft from adding new features. Starting today, you can now send money via PayPal right from your conversations. It's a shot across the bow to Facebook, which has long support payments via ...

  • PayPal takes Pandora to court over its big blue P

    PayPal filed a trademark infringement suit against Pandora on Friday, claiming that the radio app's blue P logo is "unlawfully similar" to PayPal's own blue double-P icon. Pandora debuted its new sans-serif logo in October of last year as part of an overall company rebrand. Apparently ...

  • TNW Conference is teaming up with PayPal and Glownet to go cashless

    Since TNW Conference’s inception, we’ve been using the trusted tokens found at festivals and events the world over: pay a cashier or machine some (a lot of) money, get handed some plastic tokens, spend some of aforementioned plastic tokens, come home to discover you still have ...

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