Augmented reality editor for iPhone creates 3D objects & movies

Augmented reality editor for iPhone creates 3D objects & movies

augmented_realityA Montreal-based startup called Hololabs Studio is developing apps for the iPhone that will enable users to create 3D objects in augmented reality without any coding knowledge.

The MixAR app, still in development, can be best described as an object-editor for the augmented reality space because its system will bring users the ability to snap pictures of an object and watch it turn into a 3D model that can later be overlaid in AR and recorded as video.

Why is this cool?
If the new app works as well as depicted in the video, non-coders will be elevated to 3D designers and could potentially create customized AR experiences that could be used for producing impressive mini-movies on the iPhone.

It shows that an overlaid AR object can be recorded as a movie meaning that by simply using an iPhone app, mobile film makers could add some pretty interesting special effects like the 3D title effect used in Fox’s show Fringe. And the object/marker can be attached to a person, for example, and it will move with the subject.


Hololabs Studio began its MixAR project on Kickstarter, a popular funding platform that helps ideas get off the ground with the assistance of the Kickstarter community that can send pledges to worthwhile projects . With only days to go, Hololabs has already obtained and exceeded its funding goal of $5000 and its app is slated to hit the app store in Q1.

MixAR will be Hololabs second augmented reality app for the iPhone. Its first AR app called Empire ISIS, was developed as a promotional app for a female Canadian hiphop artist. The app gives fans 3D life-like images of the artist in AR that pop out of the computer (from the web) while viewing through the iPhone app. Hardcore fans can additionally take pictures that appear to look as though she’s actually in the room.

The idea of editing objects and making movies does sound somewhat intriguing. Please let us know what you think in the comments.

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