Could become Amazon North?

Could become Amazon North?

Online health retailer has announced a recent $2.3 million angel round from folks like Matt Mullenweg, founder of WordPress, and Jeff Fluhr, co-founder of to fund expansion (or world domination as David Crow puts it)(Startup North). David noted something I didn’t even realize that not only is buying diapers online big business in Canada, but is Canada’s largest online diaper retailer. Huh.

David makes an interesting comparison to Amazon, as far as getting into a niche ( started with health and beauty products) and figuring out how to earn revenue. I would think about buying some health and beauty supplies online, but the real business barrier is the “spur of the moment” factor. I don’t think about buying shampoo until I’m almost out of it. That said, the prices look good, and there is free shipping so I can order something at two in the morning and have it in a day or two it certainly could be worth it.

Like Amazon, has expanded into electronics, housewares, and all facets of personal care. I think this is one area where people might not have thought that there would be consumer demand. Going to the drugstore is pretty painless, but I think people said the same thing about books didn’t they?

Hmm, and come to think of it I am out of shampoo…and it is snowing out…

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