The best business name generator: Naminum

The best business name generator: Naminum

Business name generator

The idea of a random company name generator for new businesses or startups is hardly a new one. Quite frankly, a quick Google search reveals loads of them.


However, Naminum’s is one that I actually quite like. While others tend to (for good reason) revolve around domain name searches, most business name generators look pretty ugly and are rather basic in the options available. At the other end of the spectrum, there are some with more advanced options, but they’re still not that usable.

Naminum business name generator

Naminum, however, just asks you to fill in a word or two (or leave it blank if you just want a huge list) to get started. So, take ‘bubble’ for example. By default it suggests an option with the vowels replaced, one with the consonants replaced, the original backwards and a few other variations.

Below this, it shows the original search term, plus additional letters added. To keep it neat and organized, it shows all the options with one, two, three, four, or more letters added in their own sections. Each suggestion also follows a pattern (except randomized one, obviously), like ending in ‘ie’, or ‘tium’.

If you want to prepend something to your search term, there’s a separate tab of suggestions just for that, making it nice and easy to pick your way through rather than presenting everything in one huge list.

Naminum homepage business name generator
Prepend business name generator

When you find suggestions you like (perhaps you’re a fan of ‘bubbletian’, ‘bubblezeela’ or ‘reebubble’) clicking on the name reveals a drop down section showing the availability of each domain.

Naminum’s business name generator is easy to work with

It’s not going to change the world, but if you’re stuck banging your head against a wall looking for suggestions for a new company or product name – or maybe you just want to pass a few minutes at your screen – then Naminum does at least present its suggestions in a way that’s easy to browse and filter.

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