How to access deleted threads and comments on Reddit

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I love scrolling through Reddit when I wake up on weekends – especially since I fine-tuned my feeds to separate work from leisure. But there’s one thing that always kills my vibe: the dreaded [removed] sign. You know it, you’ve seen it, you hate it too.

The [removed] (or [deleted]) notice shows up after a Redditor – or a moderator – wipes a post for one reason or another. The original thread and title remain, but their content is no longer available. This is especially annoying after you spot a juicy title, rush to click on it, and find yourself empty-handed.

Don’t worry, though – here are a few tricks to pull up deleted Reddit threads and comments:


The easiest way to access deleted posts is with Removeddit. All you need to do is replace “reddit” in the original URL with “removeddit,” and the website will load a cached version.

Here’s an example:


What’s particularly handy is that posts removed by moderators will show up in red, while posts removed by users will show up in blue.

Removeddit also has a bookmarklet, which you can drag to your bookmarks tab for quick access to removed posts. Whenever you spot a removed post, click the bookmark and it will automatically load the archived version.

Click here to get the bookmarklet.

Last resorts

If Removeddit fails to bring back a deleted post, you can always try scouring through the Wayback Machine for archive versions. In my experience, though, Removeddit does a far better job of caching removed posts.

Another workaround is to replace the “R” in “Reddit” with a “C” – similarly to the way Removeddit works.

Just like that:


Some users have previously pointed out that the SSL certificate from Ceddit is invalid, but that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore. In any case, I personally prefer using Removeddit – its UI is cleaner.

So, there you go: now you know what to do next time you spot the [removed] notice.

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