Mario Kart in real life is the best use of AR so far

Mario Kart in real life is the best use of AR so far

Anyone still wondering what the hype around augmented reality (AR) is all about need look no further than Hado Kart. This Mario Kart for AR is available at a Japanese arcade called 3rd Planet, a VR-focused playground.

We’ve seen AR based on Super Mario Bros. before, and it was awesome. This time we get a glimpse into multiplayer AR gaming, and there’s a lot to get revved-up over:

Players drive real go-karts around a track while trying to grab virtual coins. An AR headset allows the players to see the video-game aspects of the experience in a realistic over-lay, while still providing a clear view for driving.

This is what we’ve all been hoping for with AR: a way to enhance an already-fun, albeit traditional, experience. The look of pure unbridled happiness on those lucky players’ faces says it all.

Forget Super Mario Bros, HoloLens-powered real-life Mario Kart is the real killer app on MSPoweruser

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