StuffGenie makes it easy to put your items into storage and get them anytime

StuffGenie makes it easy to put your items into storage and get them anytime

Everyone has too much stuff, right? Most of the time it’s too good to throw away, but there’s nowhere to keep it and sending things to storage is a hassle.

StuffGenie, a new Hong Kong based company is hoping to bring that process into the smartphone age. The service allows you to order containers for your items, which are shipped to you overnight. Once packed, you add a title, description and upload pictures of your stuff online before sending them back.


The company then puts your goods into humidity-controlled storage and you’re able to request items back from the company individually any time via the smartphone app.

StuffGenie says that because it runs 24 hours, users are able to get items picked up or delivered within a day and almost any item can be stored.

Because it’s so fast and available from your pocket, StuffGenie says that it makes storing items like a tuxedo or cocktail dress feasible, since they’re items you don’t need every day but only occasionally.

Right now, StuffGenie is only available in Hong Kong and costs $65 (HK) per box, per month. Unlike traditional services where users pay for excess storage space, StuffGenie users only pay for each box.

I asked StuffGenie if it plans to expand to other countries in the future; the team said it “doesn’t yet have concrete plans in place for our next location, but this would likely initially be in another major city in Asia” but is working to set up operations so it can open in other locations too.


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