Docomo completes $130m acquisition of MCV, Guam’s top TV and Web provider (yes, Guam)

Docomo completes $130m acquisition of MCV, Guam’s top TV and Web provider (yes, Guam)

NTT Docomo, Japan’s top operator, has expanded its international presence after it announced the $130 million (12.7 billion yen) acquisition of MCV, a cable TV and Internet provider in Guam. Yes, that’s right, the lovely Pacific island of Guam.

The deal, which went through yesterday, sees Docomo wholly acquire ‘MCV Acquisition’, the holding company behind MCV, which is the island country’s largest provider of Web and TV services.

Docomo says that the deal is a strategic one that will enhance its business in the region but linking up to the MCV fiber optic network. The operator also says that will not only enhance its mobile networks in the region, but also link up to the MCV fiber optic network

The MCV deal has been in the pipeline for some time — after Docomo won the bid to acquire it last year — and it secured crucial government approval in April. That left the share purchase agreement, and a couple of other details, left to close — after which deal was completed.

MCV joins the Docomo Pacific portfolio. Speaking back in April, a Docomo representative said that there were no plans to make changes to the MCV business in Guam, which is likely to be a relief to its customers.

Well, there you have it, but you may be surprised to hear that this is actually not the first time that we’ve written about Guam. The country got our attention back in 2009 when the iPhone launched there.


Images via geishabot and showbizsuperstar / both from Flickr

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