Samsung unveils its ‘future-proofing’ Evolution Kit to bring new features to its 2012 Smart TVs

Samsung unveils its ‘future-proofing’ Evolution Kit to bring new features to its 2012 Smart ...

The 2013 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) kicks off next week but already Samsung has begun announcing new products, the latest of which is its Evolution Kit which allows models from its 2012 Smart TV range to be upgraded with new features and improvements.

At this stage, of course, its 2013 Smart TV range is still to be announced. However, Samsung says that the Kit — which is a piece of hardware that plugs into the back of a device — will bring enhancements to CPU, memory and GPU, all of which will give faster speeds for browsing the Web and multitasking, such as using apps while watching TV.

Samsung has been talking about the ‘future proof’ Evolution Kit since CES 2012, and we’re all set to get full details next week.

The Kit will also bring improvements to the Smart Interaction features, such as voice control and motion control, giving a nice upgrade for owners of 2012 devices. Samsung announced last week it will make changes to its Smart Hub UI at the show, and those new updates will filter through to older models thanks to the Evolution Kit.

The Korean firm is likely to keep the news flowing, even before the Vegas show opens. However, the big announcements that the company has been teasing for a month won’t come before CES, which begins January 8 — that’s not long to wait now.

So far the teasers have included:

– Samsung teases innovative design for upcoming TV launch at CES

– Samsung posts CES 2013 teaser video promising new TV launch, but remains quiet on specifics

Headline image via Bruce Bennett/AFP/Getty Images, other images via Samsung Tomorrow

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