How Chinese men searching for “village of hot lesbians” broke the Internet in Sweden

How Chinese men searching for “village of hot lesbians” broke the Internet in Sweden

Swedish girls in forestIt all started when a news agency Xinhua reported (made up) the existence of a city in the northern Swedish woods with 25,000 inhabitants, all hot women living together to satisfy their Scandinavian sexual desires. The city, called Chako Paul was founded in 1820 by a rich widow and is guarded by two blonde guards that will strike men down that try to enter the city of Nordic lesbian love.

Sadly, as you would probably expect, the city doesn’t exist. But the Chinese, being so “inquisitive” have crippled Swedish ISP’s with searches for “Chako Paul”. According toValleywag, “Chinese men have “swamped… Swedish tourism bodies” with such burning questions in recent days, millions of them. EDIT: News is that now the Japanese are curious about the Swedish Lesbians too.

The myth, created by the Chinese media reached Sweden has left the local tourist office of Ulmeå reporting to the register that they are fairly certain that no such city excised in Sweden, based on the fact that that a city like that would be the biggest city in all of northern Sweden!

It seems that no Swedish entrepreneur has set up a website to accommodate these Chinese men on a search for the ‘lost women of Chako Paul’. If you are into web development… Time to buy and run some ads!

EDIT: dug around and translated the Chinese article as follows:

“In Sweden, there is a place that is respectful of women’s love, but with a rule that men cannot enter. This is Chako Paul City. The town holds around 25,000 women, all from around Europe. If men transgress into the forbidden city, they will be beaten half to death. The citizens of Chako Paul are mostly engaged in the forest industry, because of such many of the women wear thick belts full of woodworking equipment. Some go into nearby cities to work and return to Chako Paul by night. Chako Paul’s tourism industry is increasingly prosperous, with hotels and restaurants everywhere that cater specifically to women around the world.”

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