How to try Google’s 6 new Assistant voices now

How to try Google’s 6 new Assistant voices now

If you use Google Assistant a lot and have tired of the default voice that responds to your commands, you now have six more to choose from.

The new ones, which benefit from the AI-powered WaveNet voice engine for more natural-sounding speech, are available in Assistant’s options – bringing the total to eight (John Legend’s voice is slated to arrive later this year). Here’s what they sound like:

To try them, simply launch Assistant on your iOS or Android device, then head to Settings (you might need to tap the blue button at the top right of your screen, and then the one with three dots). Next, tap on Preferences, and then on Assistant voice.

You can now hear all the new voices in the list, and set any of these as Assistant’s default.

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Google's six new Assistant voices are now live on Android Police

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