Bored programmer built an app that puts the iPhone X notch on any Android phone

Bored programmer built an app that puts the iPhone X notch on any Android phone

While technophiles might have to wait a few more years (but not really) for most Android phone makers to gather the courage to put a notch at the top of the display – like Apple did with the iPhone X (pronounced ‘ten’) – there might be an app that will help you simulate this awkward-looking interface right about now.

One terribly bored programmer has found a solution to the notch-envy every Android user must be feeling when peeking at the gorgeous X.

Developed by GitHub user idoideas, XOutOf10 is an amusing app that lets you simulate the iPhone X notch on practically any Android handset. According to his own calculations, this nifty solution could save you about $999 in disappointment.

Those interested to check out how the notch looks – and precisely how noticeable it is – can download the XOutOf10 APK from this link in order to run the quirky app. Be advised that you will need at least Android 6.0 Marshmallow and above and to get it up and running.

The creator further warns Oreo users that “the bump will be hidden when you expand your status bar… due to Android API limitations set by Google.”

In case you were wondering, here’s how the notch looks on OnePlus 3T:

Now that’s sexy!

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