Foreignrap hooks you up with fire hip-hop tracks from around the globe

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With so many discover services out there, digging up dope hip-hop music has never been easier. But one aspect such tools often tend to lack is a solid focus on international artist – and this is precisely what Foreignrap seeks to fix.

Developed by a trio of music aficionados, Foreignrap is an international rap platform that aims to introduce you to various exotic sounds from across the world. The website essentially lets you select a country of your choice and then hits you up with numerous music suggestions based on local artists and tracks.

Should you chance upon a song you dislike, you can jump forward to the next one – or switch up your region to get other suggestions.

In addition to its excellent discover feature, what makes the website particularly convenient to use is that it lets you effortlessly share the new tracks you come across on a number of third-party streaming services like Spotify, Apple Muisc, Tidal and YouTube.

For now the service features suggested songs from a list of over 20 countries, including Nigeria, Japan, Indonesia, Portugal and Russia. But hopefully the Foreignrap creators will keep expanding its selection in the future.

Still, there’s plenty of great music to browse through as it is. So far I’ve stumbled upon a handful of fire joints from various artists like Icelandic duo Úlfur Úlfur and Japanese rapper Awich.

As part of the initiative, Foreignrap has also released an exclusive mixtape where you can find other hot artists from around the world.

For more awesome music suggestions, head to Foreignrap and get your international groove on by clicking here.


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