Google Drive is now better at managing duplicate files for you

Google Drive is now better at managing duplicate files for you

Many Google Drive users download files to edit before uploading back to the cloud. If you do that enough, you’ll end up with several files of the same name, possibly in the same folder. Today, Drive is getting a handy tool to better manage revision history.

Now when a ‘new’ file is uploaded, Drive will simply tag older versions as such. Instead of pining through dates and times to see which is the most current iteration of a document, Drive tells you straight away.

The change will also apply to folders.

If you still want to have a bunch of files with the same name in your Drive account, you can select ‘keep as separate file’ once your document is uploaded.

Google is rolling this out to its Web version of Drive today; sensible, as most edit documents on a computer. It says a complete rollout will take a few weeks.

Improving the deduplication flow when uploading to Google Drive on Google Apps Blog

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