Now you can filter your Yelp results by PokéStop, what a time to be alive


Now that Pokemon Go basically dictates your life, it makes sense that if you have to go outside and actually live a little, you might as well try to catch them all along the way. Yelp realizes this Venn Diagram of opportunity, and has implemented a new filter for you to search only for businesses that have nearby PokéStops.

Nope, not April Fool’s. Just check out the iOS or Android Yelp app and search for a business and you’ll find a blue PokéStop tab to filter results to just businesses where you can access them in the game. If you leave a review, Yelp may also ask whether this business has a nearby PokéStop, as far as you are aware.

The feature is only live in the US, New Zealand, and Australia despite the game arriving to the UK this week.

Pokemon Go has become a marketer’s dream come true: from placing Lures near their businesses to attract digital monsters and IRL customers to T-Mobile giving away data to bring in new subscribers, we’re gonna see a lot more product updates and ad campaigns to accommodate this fast-growing app.

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