Spotify just bought a startup that crowdsources concert photos

Spotify just bought a startup that crowdsources concert photos
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Spotify has just acquired a startup named CrowdAlbum, a company that specializes in aggregating photos and videos from concerts, events and performances.

CrowdAlbum has been around through 2013 and collects a “visual history” of sorts for artists during tours using images from fans sharing images on social media. As the name implies, it’s basically crowdsourcing photo albums for bands.

The company has so far worked with a variety of well-known artists, including  DiploDeath Cab for Cutie, Lil Wayne, Fallout Boy and others.

It’s not too hard to see why Spotify would be interested in the functionality. It recently introduced a Fan Insights feature to give artists a better breakdown of who’s listening to their music, as well as a Concerts feature to show nearby events from artists you listen to.

CrowdAlbum’s technology could also make for an additional social element to its streaming service; imagine taking a photo of your favorite artist at a concert, and then seeing that image pop up on his or her Spotify bio?

In any case, expect to see a lot more concert photos on Spotify soon.

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