Samsung can now troubleshoot your phone remotely

Samsung can now troubleshoot your phone remotely
Credit: Samsung

Samsung has updated its Samsung+ app that provides customers with support information, diagnostics tools and app recommendations with a handy new feature: remote assistance.

With the latest version of the app, users can allow a Samsung rep to remotely access their device to troubleshoot and fix software issues — negating the need to visit a service center or look up a help guide.

The feature can be activated during a phone call or video chat with a Samsung support executive. However, it’s only available for the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge for now; the company says it will expand the service to other devices over the coming weeks.

It’s worth noting that Samsung isn’t the first company to come up with remote assistance for mobile devices: In 2013, Amazon announced its MayDay live support service that takes over your Kindle Fire to help fix issues with it.

Version 3 of Samsung+ is now available on Google Play.

Samsung Ups the Ante on Customer Support with New Version of Samsung+ App on Samsung Newsroom

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