Add GIFs to any photo with Giffiti for iOS

Add GIFs to any photo with Giffiti for iOS

You can’t avoid GIFs, emoji and stickers anymore. They are rapidly creeping into every part of our online lives.

And now, Giffiti for iOS will let you add GIFs to your photos as well 🎉.

All you need to do is select a photo from your camera roll and add one of the app’s pre-made GIFs and cutouts on top. It lets you resize and adjust the overlay as you like and you can save it as a still photo or GIF and share on social media or via message and email.


From Carlton to Homer Simpson, the infamous doge and Hilary Clinton, there’s an overlay for pretty much any occasion.

The only thing that annoyed me about the app is that it automatically adds a rather large ‘#Giffiti’ watermark to each GIF and image you save. It would be nice if the watermark could be at least resized, if not removable.

While there are plenty of similar apps out there like GifLab, I’ve found that Giffiti is the easiest and quickest one to use. It also has the biggest selection of current overlays in the form of memes and celebrities alike.

Most GIFs are created without any crediting to the original source, whether that’s an illustrator or a TV show and if the app is to grow in popularity, I’d expect it to be facing some takedown requests.

Released on Reddit without any formal marketing, Griffiti quickly found its way to the front page, proving the undeniable power of GIFs.

➤ Giffiti [iOS]

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