Here’s what Luigi does while Mario is away

Here’s what Luigi does while Mario is away

Luigi lives a relentlessly terrible life. Always playing wingman to Mario as his brother trails to the wrong castle yet again in his relentless pursuit of Princess Peach, always in the second best Mario Kart, always having to make a small talk with Toad at parties.

Now finally, you can get a real insight into the melancholy of the less super of the Super Mario brothers. Ennuigi is a Web game by Metafilter’s Josh Millard that reveals the bleakness of Luigi alone time. There are no bad guys, no adventure, just smoking and moping.

Down in the hole with Luigi

The only controls are left and right to walk though the world, up to ruminate on the ruinous path Mario has taken you on and down to smoke. Poor old Luigi.

Ennuigi [by Josh Millard]

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