Under Armour acquires MyFitnessPal for $475M and Endomondo for $85M

Under Armour acquires MyFitnessPal for $475M and Endomondo for $85M

Under Armour just announced it has acquired both Endomondo and MyFitnessPal today.

The company said the acquisition establishes ownership of the “largest digital health and fitness community” now reaching more than 120 million users along with MapMyFitness, which the company already owns.

MyFitnessPal was acquired for $475 million and Endomondo for $85 million, according to the company’s quarterly result. MyFitnessPal touts 80 million users and Endomondo has 20 million.

Mike Lee, co-founder and CEO of MyFitnessPal said that “Under Armour will bring vast health and fitness expertise and resources to our 80 million users to help guide them as they work to achieve their health goals.”

By contrast, Nike+ had just 18 million users when the company last reported on numbers in 2013.

Under Armour said the acquisitions will help the company build out tools in its UA Connected Fitness suite, such as adding the ability to track calories and nutrition. For now, it appears the apps will continue on in their standalone forms.

It’s obvious Under Armour wants to own as much of the fitness space as it can. Not only is it busy building a fitness app empire alongside its sports clothing sales, it now owns one of the biggest chunks of the fitness communities out there.

➤ Under Armour Acquires Endomondo and MyFitnessPal [Press Release]

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